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She actually said to me the other day, ‘Mom, I can taste my blanket.’ ‘That, honey, is a sign that it really, really needs to be washed.’ ”Jolie tidies up Vivienne’s things and promptly spills her entire mug of tea all over the counter.We step outside and there’s Shiloh, 11, and Knox, 9, hanging out.

She finally settles on the living room, which a set-decorator friend furnished on the fly, with two creamy-white sofas and some big throw pillows. “I didn’t even know I needed ‘throw pillows.’ ” Decorating, house stuff, “that was always Brad’s thing.” On cue, as if taunting her, Jolie’s large Rottweiler, Dusty, soaking from a trip to the pool, jumps onto the sofa, soiling it. We move to the kitchen, where Jolie fixes herself a cup of tea. I ask the girl if she’s called “Viv” or “Vivienne.” “Either one! She dumps her stuff on the counter and goes out to play with her friend.

We can exclusively debunk this latest phony angle in the ongoing saga.

According to , Pitt wants to stay on his estranged wife’s good side amid their custody negotiations, and he feels a good strategy is to be open and honest about his supposed romance with Oxman.

She sighs, amused, half tries to wipe it off with her bare hand, then gives up and sits somewhere else. Vivienne, 9, comes in with a friend, having just been at a sleepover. Jolie picks up a small piece of a blanket, shredded to death, and explains, laughing, “She has 32 blankets.

Life in her household is apparently like this—messy, relaxed, normal. Zahara, 12, whom Jolie describes as “the rock” of the family, comes downstairs. She is very into her blanket, and she gets very mad if you wash her blanket.

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Finally she emerges from the other side of the house and glides across the room in a creamy-white, floor-length caftan.

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