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The adjustment to optimize your vision is permanent and it will never again need readjustment.

Light Adjustable Lens Technology The Light Adjustable Lens silicone was developed from the same material used in modern implants available today worldwide.

This is usually due to preexisting astigmatism or induced astigmatism from the operation, inaccuracy in the biometry measurements taken before surgery to choose the lens strength or the unpredictable effects of wound healing.

For the first time in the history of eye surgery we can correct any residual errors reducing vision without any additional surgical procedures.

in the USA led by a team of Nobel Prize winning Scientists.

The macromers are designed to be sensitive to harmless ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength.

Inside every eye is a natural lens which focuses light onto the retina.Once the desired prescription is achieved further UV light is passed through the lens to ‘fix’ it in position to make the adjustment permanent.Light Adjustable Lens Results The digital light delivery device calculates the strength and angle of light to make the adjustment to the lens.This means that the light affects the macromers to cause very specific swelling or thinning of the lens implant changing the focus to give the patient the best vision possible for their eye.The process takes less than 2 minutes and can be repeated for further adjustment if required.

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These are usually compromised by poor intermediate vision and glare when looking at lights.

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