5 uses of carbon dating

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5 uses of carbon dating

Formal education, however, is generally necessary if you want employment.Museum preparators and industrial paleontologists may need only a master's degree; the doctorate is necessary for most academic paleontologists.However, many sedimentary rocks cannot be dated directly by these methods; dates usually are obtained from igneous rocks within a sedimentary sequence, such as lava flows or ash beds.Such dates are maximum age estimates for fossils above the dated beds, or minimum estimates for fossils below the beds.There are a number of techniques and fields that deal with reconstructing the past, but paleontology provides hard data on past events.Paleontology can potentially provide much data on the evolutionary relationships of organisms, which in turn gives a deeper understanding of biodiversity.Formal education is not a prerequisite for becoming a paleontologist.

Coal, oil, and peat are derived from fossil plant material; marble is metamorphosed limestone, which is often biogenically deposited; diatomaceous earth (used as an abrasive and in gardening) is made up of fossil microscopic siliceous skeletons of certain algae.Finally, paleontology is an increasingly important component of historical biology.The life around us today has been shaped through its long history, and understanding its past is important to understanding its present situation.This technique does not depend on knowing the actual numerical ages of the rocks.Not all fossils are equally useful for relative dating, or correlation; some are rare, restricted to small geographic areas or to particular environments, difficult to recognize, or have such long ranges as to make precise correlation impossible.

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Some paleontologists study the ecology of the past; others work on the evolution of fossil taxa.